How to train a cat to do backflips

  1. Take a favorite toy and tie it to a string.
  2. Squat down or stand in front of the cat and swing the string just over the cat’s head. Keep doing this until the cat catches on and starts to try to stop the string.
  3. Swing the string higher so your cat will have to jump up to get the string. Focus on swinging the string behind the cat’s tail so the cat will have to leap and twist backwards to catch it. Eventually, s/he will find it much easier just to swing his/her back legs in the air simultaneously instead of twisting.
  4. Practice the trick over and over again, but now say a simple command like “Jump” or “Flip” while guiding the cat through the process. After many times, try to take away the string and say your chosen command word. If the cat does a successful back flip, congratulate him/her and give him/her a treat. If not, go back to using the string and keep practicing.

From WikiHow